The hidden rainbow in 7 manufacturing process inputs - how to find it

There are many factors which could impact each process input and result in variation even if the product is well designed. The table below shows the potential problem in each process input.  This is only a fraction of the problem, and there could be more. 


Process input

Potential source of variation


Emotion, absent from work, fatigue, no proper training process


Wear and tear, natural shift or drift of machine


No written work instruction, unclear work instruction, complicated work instruction


Material from multiple suppliers, not able to control supplier process input


Measure process not set up properly, operator not train to measurement, natural shift of measuring equipment


Product sensitive to changes in temperature and not proper control in place

If one of the areas is not appropriately planned during the setup,  it could results in dire consequences in the final product and end as a reject at the customer site.  A proactive approach would be to set up and control each process input properly to minimize the risk of the quality issue in the end product.  This had to be coupled with correct process output monitoring which enables early warning if there is potential in the process input.    With that say I have prepared a blue print on process input which will guide you on what are the areas to control in each process inputs and  would like to share with my audience on this website.   It will help you to uncover the hidden rainbow which leads to your pot of gold.   Please click on the image below to claim your free gift 

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