Book Release with two free gifts : -7 Essentials in Supplier Quality Management

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I have decided to start my first book base on my subject matter of expertise in supplier quality management.  Two decades of my experience in systematically managing supplier quality to achieve consistently good quality products is shared in this book.

Company success relies heavily on the quality of material received from the supplier along the supply chain. Many organizations had been struggling with low-quality incoming part from suppliers and pay way above the actual material cost to manage those inferior quality parts.   Imagine an organization have a customer who is ready to buy the product; however, there is no material to transform the product into sales. Almost all supplier delivery problem is associated with the supplier having quality issues which had caused limited supply or inferior quality product. It is nearly impossible to turn defective materials into good quality products.  

Organizations are paying way above the actual material cost due to poor quality as additional cost are incurred in the following areas:-

  1.  Defective material inventory cost
  2.  Transportation of poor quality material
  3.  Storage space to store poor quality material
  4.  Hire more workers to screen inferior quality parts
  5.  Compensation cost to customer due to late delivery

This book focuses on a systematic approach in 7 essentials of area supplier quality to achieve defect-free product from supplier process. This single system would help to reduce variation in managing different suppliers which also leads to consistent results.  In turn, this will enable an organization to receive consistent good quality part to feed the manufacturing process can convert the product into sales and revenue. There are a total of 16 figures and five tables to summarize a large amount of information which enhance the reading experience of this book.   This book is written by a supplier quality practitioner like me for a supplier quality practitioner. 

Two exclusive gifts are included on

  • Guide on how to build a supplier audit checklist and
  • Excel format sample checklist.  The reader can directly use the excel checklist to create final quality audit checklist. 

Finally appreciate the support for this book from audiences in this website.  

The book is available through this link:.  You can also click on the photo above to get the link.

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