Correct Mind Set to Problem Solving

One of the most powerful ingredient to achieve consistent good quality would be the organization positive mindset starting from top management.  There are many quality/six sigma and lean tools created over the past century to assist in problem solving which enable company to achieve their quality goal.   In order to apply lean or six sigma/quality tools successfully to achieve consistent good quality product and bring value to customer,  the whole organization must have the positive mindset and require discipline system starting top down. 

The role of organization leader is very important in cascading positive mindset to the organization team members top down follow follow the law of gravity.   Leadership layer in management of an organization must have clear awareness of  problem and potential problem and risk.  Only from awareness of the problem, then action plan can be established to address the problem followed by carefully orchestrated execution of the plan to successfully resolve the problem.  A problem which get the management attention gets resolve faster than problem which is being hidden in the shop floor. 

Dr Deming (1900-1993) 14 points for total quality management required the top leader involvement in implementation.  In lean enterprise,  top management must not be too far away from the day to day problem.  Leader in an organization are suppose to do a regular gemba walk on the production floor or where the activity of transforming input part to final product happen.  Gemba walk is not just about walking the shop floor,  gemba walk must be designed with objective of eliminating waste which include quality related problem. 

A lot organizations had hire the best people  which will definitely help to bring an organization quality goal to reality however the best talent cannot function alone.  The best people can provide creative solution based on their knowledge and skill set,  they will need the team to mobilize the plan solution then only problem get resolve and goal get realize.  The biggest authority to mobilize a team to execute a plan would be the top management.  Before the mobilization of the plan happen, mobilization of mind had to happen. 
Only with positive open mindset, then the organization will be open to learning new quality methodology and applied what had been learned.  Applying all quality tools will be painful initially as it would mean changes and change is painful to an average human being.    Accepting the changes would require a positive mindset.  The reward come after change would be great and unfortunately most people are only hoping for the reward without willing to pay the price of change.

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