Book title :  360 Quality Engineering Towards Zero Defect Product in Manufacturing Process

Solving a quality problem is very expensive as the production line could already produce an infinite quantity of parts which could have reach the customer.  This quality issues had caused high manufacturing cost and unhappy customer hence, threaten the profitability of an organization.  

It is the dream of every manufacturing organization to achieve a zero-defect product; however, there is not much awareness of what it takes to achieve a defect-free product.  Most of the potential problems are hidden in the process input of man, machine, method, material, measure and environment.  .  

Each process input must be set up and control properly to achieve the desired process output either as a finished good or a process input to a subsequent process. Remember garbage in garbage out.  An end consumer product could go through hundreds if not thousands of transformation process per figure below from one manufacturing entity to another per the figure above.   A product which had gone through 100  transformation processes with seven process input would have 700 opportunities for error which impact the product quality.   Thus, there are many quality engineering books available in the market emphasis heavily on the reactive approach of using problem-solving methods such as six sigma, 8 D corrective action.  Most of these reactive methods do not yield sustainable results as there could be an overwhelming problem to firefight.

I have use a systematic proactive approach to manage manufacturing line to attain a consistently good quality product which I will share in 360 Quality Engineering Towards Zero Defect Product in Manufacturing Process, book.  For more details please view the video in this article. 

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