2020 World Quality Day - Creating Customer Value


World quality day which falls on the second Thursday of Nov was created by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) since 1990.  This special day was established to bring the awareness and recognition of the quality professionals contribution in delivering quality products to the world.   Quality professionals are committed not only in customer quality but also safety in most of the organizations.  Many companies around the world will celebrate this momentous occasion in Nov every year.  This year theme is creating value to the customer.

Customers are getting more sophisticated over time with upgraded needs & wants, and their voice can be heard over social media.  A delighter attribute today might be a must-have in the future according to Kano analysis model on product feature.  Every organization should involve quality engineering professional right from the start of product design to ensure quality is plan into the product through the rigour of using the correct quality tools such as kano analysis, quality function deployment and advance product quality plan.  A capable quality professional must ensure that the quality voice is heard throughout the organization and drive all functions put in effort in achieving quality at a minimal cost.  In my previous LinkedIn article, I have mentioned that quality problem is always hidden and it takes a lot of resources to rectify a problem at customer end.

The customer wants, and needs can evolve, however, one thing that never changes is the customer always require a product which works well to solve their pain point at the lowest cost possible.

Creating value to the customer also this is one of the foundations in lean.  This is translated into producing consistently good quality, a defect-free product with minimal quality cost and waste. 

May Quality professionals be inspired to create customer value by ensuring quality and safety design into the product and achieve a balance in the voice of the business, the voice of the process and voice of the customer. 

Note:  CQI and IRCA had prepare an excellent resources to celebrate world quality day @

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